The Loft, Dallas – My Unbiased Review!

The Loft is a small venue in Dallas. It hosts fantastic bands on a regular basis. The prices are affordable. The only downside is that I have to pay for parking. I am not complaining, though, after all, it is in the heart of Dallas. It small size makes it a personal space; the excellent music makes up for the small size.

The Loft is my favorite place in Dallas when it comes to live music. I love it for its location. The view from the rooftop is breathtaking. The hall can take 450 persons at one time. You can almost touch the band while they are playing, which makes a great experience. Just don’t get too close! I have been to The Palladium, and although it is big, the experience was not as good. Parking has been my main issue, and the neighborhood is out of the sun, but I still like The Loft. It has an underground feel and somewhat thrilling atmosphere. If you feel adventurous, this place will amplify that feeling for you.

The prices are like most other places in Dallas which are reasonable. The bar offers many choices despite the small space. My friends have complained about the floor before, but I think it adds to the appeal, I am not worried. However, The Loft is pretty awesome; I do not blame you if this is the first time you hear about it. The bigger Palladium Ballroom tends to dwarf it. The two venues are in the same building, but the stark contrast brings out the best in both. In any event, size does not matter in The Loft’s case.

I have yet to see one bad band, all the bands that come here are super astonishing. The music they play is fantastic, and I like the vibe and energy of the place. The small area allows the bands to mingle with the audience, which is always welcome in my book. However, it also has an incredible green room and clean bathrooms.

I think the patio is the cherry on the top. It has ample room, and the view is king. It is the perfect setting to catch your breath with a drink from the bar during concerts. I simply cannot do it justice with my words; you have to see for yourself. The place is perfect for weddings and important occasions like that. I strongly suggest you check it out.

I met many great bands there such as The Drums, Fruit Bats, Fleet Foxes, and Jacquees. I was also lucky to catch the Untapped Festival After Party event back in 2013. The Loft is probably one of the most intimate venues I visited in Dallas (although there are plenty in Los Angeles and Houston as well). I enjoyed the personality of the place. In the end, The Loft deserves a visit from you. As for me, I am keeping my eye on it to see if any of my favorite bands will perform soon. Final verdict: The Loft is absolutely A-1.

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